Duck Duck Fish

Yep thats me. It's the First Duck I have every shot and after this trip it will not be my last. It also will not be my last Cast'n Blast Trip with Intercostal Safaris either. This trip was one for the books. We hunted duck on white sandy beaches and then fished about 3 miles off the Flora-Bama line. For a first time duck hunter, my heart was pounding when the first duck came by, then Stephen our Guide, said "take it down." My heart kicked into over drive. I stood up fired twice and my first Duck was in the bag, Blue Bill Duck to be specific. Beautiful. 

But wait the trip's not over..........

After lunch we climbed aboard a center console boat to hunt down some trigger fish and some monster Red Snapper. The snapper are not in season so we could not keep anything, but the fight was worth it. Jeff caught the biggest one and it was probably about 20lbs. 

If you are looking for a trip like this contact Stephen at Intercostal Safaris. And yes this was all Righteous. 

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Happy New Year

It's time to say a big thank you, yes to you. 2015 has been an amazing year for us. It is all because of the support and the friendships we have in our community. You are the biggest factor in our success. You are the reason we are here. We cook for you. 

But who is doing the cooking? That's why I must say thank you to our team. Devin, Emery, Even, Alec, Zach, Enosh, Levi, Andrew, Landon, Caitlin, Eric, and Toby. This is an amazing team that enjoys being here and enjoys serving. Things change for us pretty quick sometimes and this team adjusts and executes with precision. 

Because of you and our team, the legend that is Righteous 'Que is growing. Thanks for spreading the word. 

Our team at Taste of Atlanta in September 2015

Our team at Taste of Atlanta in September 2015

Happy New Year. 

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