/ˈralē/ - noun

  1. a mass meeting of people showing support for a cause

Rally. We all rally around something wether we know it or not. Whether it's supporting our favorite college football team, supporting families during a time of crisis, or joining together for a good cause, we rally. 


On September 12th of this month we rallied. With encouragement from Tiffany Setzer (A Righteous Que Regular) we did a QUE FOR A CAUSE for Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. This hits home for me as my Dad battles his own fight with multiple myeloma, a bone cancer. If it was not for funds from research programs his situation would be much different. His fight would be different. Although my dad is not a child anymore, he is still a kid at heart. Rally is on the front lines of the battlefield fighting for the advancement of childhood cancer research. It is for the future generation of kids that need major advancements in cancer research so they can make an impact in this world. Each kid with cancer deserves that chance. 

10% of our gross profit on the 12th went to support Rally Foundation. A small drop in the bucket, but every dollar counts, every kid counts. 


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