Completely Humbled

Have you ever had one of those experiences that you just did not know what you were stepping into. Well, they find me more then usual, but on Friday June 5th I went even farther outside of my comfort zone. I went to meet and see the family we gave scholarships to for camp Winshape.

As I was escorted to the Johnson Ferry Baptist fields I was nervous. This gift was suppose to be anonymous. The family also did not know I was coming, but after the heart felt letter sent by this Mom, I knew I had too. At first she thought I was someone else and then she saw the name on my shirt, Righteous Que. She then knew who I was. Yes I held tears back. Yes I was a little choked up. The smile on her face made the sun a little brighter. It was a great day.

After a few minutes of being with this family I was humbled. As Emily spoke to me and told me more of their story, I was in awe of the faith of this mom. As her youngest daughter Caroline laid in the Hospital, after she was in the hospital, each situation grew their faith, faith in action, faith that convicted my heart, faith that humbled my heart.

Thank you to Emily, Charlotte and Caroline  for an amazing few hours that changed me.


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