Thank full

How do we truly express thanks? The Southernly thing to do is always take food, right? I can still hear the voice of an older Mississippian women simply say, " I did not know what to do, so I made you a pie." No time for back story here, but whether it's baked goods, meat, or a simple dessert, there is something that rings with giving food to express thanks. Maybe it is the simple fact that this type of "thanks" can fill your heart and your stomach. You are considered full in every aspect both physically and spiritually. 

Give thanks then. For what you have, For what you don't have, For the people around you. For your family. For your friends. For the freedoms this country provides. For you job. For your dog. Just give thanks. Most of the time the response is simple, but it could be returned by a thank you that you were not expecting. Its worth it every time. 

I give thanks for you. For how you eat our food. For how you support us. For how many people that always encourage us to keep serving the que. Of course we are also thankful for how people fight over the oatmeal cream pies. Thank you Thank you. We hope you enjoy a restful Thanksgiving with loved ones.


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