How to say thank you?

I am exited to announce that our 1 year anniversary is approaching. July 26th we will celebrate not just one year but we will try and say thank you for all your support. If you read this blog or you are attached to us through facebook, we owe you a very big thank you for supporting us and helping us get to 1 year.

We couldn't have gotten here with our you. To say thank you we will be giving free dessert with any purchase of a meal. Yes that means Oatmeal Cream Pies, but if you want those you need to come early.

Thats not all .........

Sampler Plate - $15.75 (Usually $21.50) - All three meat, Ribs, and two sides of your choice

Surf and Turf - $16.75 -  6oz of Smoked Mahi, Ribs, and two sides of your choice (Limited quantity)

We will also Launch our Signature Sandwich, ...... The Soul Saver

See you all on July 26th for some Righteous Que 

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