Gordan Ramsey's - BurGR

Alissa in front of BurGR
Burgers can be a rare jewel. BurGR is just that rare. Not the meat, you can order it any way you want, but for quality and variety it is perfect. So why did we fall in love with this big name Las Vegas eatery..well three things that almost bring a tear to my eye. Brisket, Short Rib, and all-natural prime chuck. Yes that is what is in the burger and then the toppings are as diversified as the many personalities of Gordan himself. Check out BurGR's. I had the "HELL's Kitchen" burgr. Roasted jalapenos, avacado, Slow roasted tomatoes, and my own addition duck bacon. Yes kinda of odd combo, but amazimg is the only way to describe it.

 The food was not our only fun. We got to sit and watch the kitchen crew do what they do, and in Vegas the can seriously pump out some food. We got to talk to one of the sous chefs and he said they do on average 1500 burgrs a day. Can you say insane. Big thanks to Luke as we also discussed where the brisket was from and what kind they use. He actually told me I was the first one to even ask about the brisket.
Luke, Alissa, Me and Gordan in the back ground
If you are in Las Vegas, BurGR is a must stop.
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