When the stands start to Rumble

Can you feel it? Can you smell the smoke? Can you hear the cheers? Are you ready for some football. Oh Man am I ready. I won't say who I am cheering for, I will just say I love watching some football on Saturday's and Sunday's. There is nothing like sitting back with the TV on and some 'Que on. Let the season begin, right. Can I get an Amen or something?

Many of us have been in a lull since March Madness finished. We have been counting the days looking for pre-season updates or the Herbie Awards. Yeah you know Kirk Herbstreit's annual ranking of the college football nation. The time is now and in less then a week College Football kicks off the 2013 season. Where will you be? In the stands or in the recliner? Either way the season is really defined by tailgating, it is a sport in itself.

Hot dogs and burgers just don't do much for me any more. It's ribs, chicken, pork or brisket and the smell of that sweet sweet smoke. If your ready to step up to the plate we want to help. You can pick up at the store and take it with you or (with some stipulations) we can deliver it to your herald parking spot at the game.

No affiliation with teams just liked the picture

Tailgate with some Righteous Que.
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