The Food of Legend, at least in my Mind

Where is Papaw when you need him? Where is Mamaw when you need a secret recipe? They maybe lost in legendary myth in my mind, but the food lives in my thoughts and memories. On several acres in Raymond MS my grandfather farmed some of the sweetest corn, freshest okra, blackberries that left permanent marks from its thorns, but it was all amazing. All of these foods ended up in a tiny kitchen prepared by a grandmaw that, at least in my mind, spent days preparing Sunday dinner. Each meal was fresh, we fought for the leftovers.

This is the image left in my mind and heart of what food is, and should always be. Food that sparks the mind and heart driven by the freshest food imaginable. So we ask for your patience as we grow. We want to prepare and serve the freshest food. So when it comes to quantity sometimes we get the numbers right and sometimes we get the numbers wrong, but always fresh.

So you can get the freshest most Righteous 'Que we ask that you call ahead with any large order.
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