A Year Ago this Week

One year ago this week I picked up my first smoker. It is a Lang 84. I wanted to stop in the midst of the madness and simply look back. We have come so far since picking up this smoker in Nahunta Georgia. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was a raining day driving through south Georgia but I cranked up the tunes and kept on rolling. I was lost in the back roads and well the idea of smoke. Yes the ride down was a faint dream of what could possibly be my future. I did not think that a year later we would be opening a store. Yes it was a desire but I really thought the 'Que was going to take me in a different direction.

The drive home was even more memorable or maybe I should say I arrived in Atlanta in rush hour traffic, not really memorable. As I was cut off by several people, one was so close the Lang and my hitch rose-up as I hit the break. I thought that it was going to come off the hitch. I now do everything I can not to trailer through downtown. More for my sanity then anything else.

What will happen in a year? I am not sure. I have a direction and I will keep heading that way. Always on the look out for unexpected opportunity.

Committed to serving some Righteous 'Que. See you in a few weeks at the store.

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