Next Steps

Do you remember a time when you have been scared, nervous and happy all at the same time. I do, that was when I wrote the check for a wedding ring. I remember that my forehead had sweat on it. My hand was shaking as I wrote the check. I had never written a check that big before. I had never planned on writing a check that big again.

Not so fast. Tomorrow I write not just one but two checks. I also sign my life away. That's right, my name is on the line. My small business takes the next step. We sign a lease to open in a retail location. Again I find my-self excited, scared, nervous and extremely happy all at the same time. The future looks bright and barbeque is always in high demand in the south.

We are determined, now more then ever, to provide barbeque on an almost daily basis. Committed to fresh food and a high standard of customer service. Their will defiantly be obstacles to get over, as well as, tough decisions to make. I smell smoke and the greatest challenge I have ever faced.

" Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on you"
            St. Augustine

And we promise to always make it Righteous 'Que.
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