Game On

Well we signed the lease and we are moving forward with a retail space. Game On. So what lies ahead for us, everything. Permits, construction, hiring some folks, t-shirts, hats, friends and family night, and best of all smoking and cooking some down home food.

The first question everyone ask me is, "Where are you located?". Now we have an true answer. 1050 E. Piedmont Rd. Marietta Ga. Across from the YMCA in the Publix shopping center. Look for the BBQ sign and we will be right below it.

Our Goal is to be open before 4th of July. That is a big barbeque weekend and we want to be open to serve all who are willing to try some, well Righteous Que. I plan to write and take pictures a long the way and update you on our progress. It will be fun to watch our dream come alive piece by piece.

We will be to the right of Wild Birds

 To all those who have helped us get here. Thank you. We promise to keep serving some Righteous 'Que.
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