March 16th - Que for a Cause

We are extremely excited to host and show support again for Josh and Alli Ayers. These two have been some of the most influential people for us in the last few years. They listened to the call to serve, moved to a place that was unknown and have been committed to serving South and Central America as well as the small community around them.

It is an honor to show our support for them again with Que for a Cause. March 16th Josh and Alli will be with us. They finally get to eat the 'Que.

Josh and Alli have been serving with EMI (Engineering Ministries International). Their time has been dedicated to water projects, disaster relief, and time in orphanages. If they do nothing else they have made an impact and have changed lives in under developed countries. They have also changed the lives of so many of us back home.

We want to help them continue their work.

If you want some BBQ, always make it Righteous 'Que

If your ready check out the menu and e-mail us your order.

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