Growth Pains

Business growth comes with many challenges and many questions. The main question being, What do you do next? Well for us that means two things, better equipment and a retail location. We are working diligently on a retail location and we already made the purchase of some new equipment (see pic below). So what has made us go through these growing pains. First is volume, blessed by our new relationship with Turner Sports we have been busy and we had to keep up with demand. Second and some what funny, our home kitchen just is not cutting it any more. Plus my wife is tired of cleaning up my mess. So more space to work and do business. I have been blessed to take this small idea from my backyard to a growing business, grassroots at its best. There is more hard work coming, the demands of a retail space will be intense. Employees, daily inventory, building our internal systems, yes a lot more work.

This is what we want right, a growing business that stretches us, pushes us, and demands our faith in the unknown. For me the answer is yes. I am willing to risk it all to see what happens. I am willing to push my self farther and harder then ever before. This is the challenge that business growth brings. I'm hungry for success, but don't be fooled it will take everything before it gives any back.

My hope is to see you soon when you visit us at our location making some Righteous 'Que.

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