Serve Others

Several people have commented this week about Que for a Cause, what a good idea it is. How they love the idea of giving back. I completely agree it is a great idea to help and serve the people around us. What is service? I typed "serving others" into google and the pictures that came up ranged from construction to food to even a guy standing in a boat by him-self (Not sure what that was suppose to be). Just saying the word serve makes me feel good. It sends a tingle down my spine that says it is the right thing to do. Are you serving, are you doing something to help provide or help lift a burden off people, are you doing something to help. I would ask why not?

Even with the very first thoughts of starting Righteous 'Que, we thought about how we would help others with our business. I know to some it might sound strange, but that is exactly why we went into business. So we could have the say as to where the funds would go. Yes we want to have a thriving business, yes we want to make money, but only if we could use this to help others. This is probably a very strange thought for most people going into business. To that I ask, why? Why not go into business with the thought about making this world a better place. That is all we want to do. We have just chosen to do it with BBQ.

Serve. Eat. Do it with Righteous 'Que.

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