Super Bowl 2013

Super bowl is upon us. Within two weeks a Champion will be crowned. Where will you be and most importantly what will you be eating. I hope you get some of the best barbeque in the south. But if you can't, you need to remember 3 things for your super bowl meal.

1. Appetizers should last through out the night. For example, if you are hungry in the 1st quarter, then you will be looking for some small bites again in the 3rd quarter too. And then if its a nail biter, the 4th quarter will be demanding on the stomach as well.

2. The best thing to enjoy with your commercials at halftime ....wait for it...Ribs. Thats right, Ribs and nothing else. Why ribs? If cut them correctly they are easy to grab and easy to enjoy. So after Ray Lewis breaks some, you get to eat some.

3. Left overs are a must. If your team losses barbeque will help with your mild depression and tears help if you don't have wet naps. But if your team wins you can relish in the delicious taste of victory again and again.

The good news and the bad news. We will not be cooking this up coming weekend as planned. The weather is not looking so good. So we will be putting all our efforts into Super Bowl Weekend.

Check out the menu and order now.

If your cooking do it right, always make it some Righteous 'Que, especially for Super Bowl.


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