Eat Ribs, Do Good for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is less then a week away. Many of us are talking about who our pick will be. 49ers or the Ravens. Yes we are promoting our Ray Lewis Rib Breaker Special, but still not sure what our pick will be. We have made one choice and that is Atlanta Community Food Bank.

So why did we pick this non-profit. Well they are the largest provider of food in the Atlanta area. They support many of the smaller donation places like Storehouse Ministries that we have give to before. They give over 35 million pounds of food and groceries to support agencies all over Atlanta. They are having an amazing impact on the world around us.

So that is where part of the proceeds from that rack of ribs will go, but it doesn't have to be just ribs you can order anything.  Check out the menu.

Not sure how Que for a Cause works. Follow the link so you can participate and help feed those in need.

Eat 'Que do good, OK another company kinda has the rights to that one, but there right. Have an impact on the world and make it easy.

If your cooking do it right, always make it some Righteous 'Que, especially for Super Bowl.

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