Happy New Years

Well in less then 8 hours we start a new year, 2013. There are many things I could have done today, but as usual I was tending the fire and smoke. Ham's were the mission today as well as a pork butt. The Ham's were the star of the show though. They smoked for 3 hours and in the last 30 minutes I layered on some love. A sweet honey candy like glaze. I almost stole a bight. Take a look at the results below and see what you missed. These Baby's are always available for any special occasion, you just have to ask.

So how are you ringing in the new year. Some will have Ham's, my neighbor told me about his black eyed peas and collard greens. So what is your traditional fare? Comment below. My wife and I always try something new and have not truly found our favorite. But there is always next year.

If your cooking do it right, always make it some Righteous 'Que.

Smoked Spiral Ham's

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