Finishing Strong

Finishing strong is always important. No matter what business your in, we all want to leave for the holidays with everything completed and everything accounted for. Well we did just that and we also scored some great holiday business too. We had the opportunity to feed a hungry crowd at Turner Sports two times before the end of the year. We have been truly blessed to only be operating for 6 months and be able to have such a great response from all who have tasted and loved our food.

Finishing strong always provides the opportunity to start the year out firing on all cylinders. The first part of January we will be planning and researching what opportunities we may have in the Food Truck business. As well as cooking ham's for New Years. If you want in on a Ham e-mail us.

2013 seems very bright with many opportunities for caterings and vending. If there is an event that you think is right for us or you want us to cater your next event, please let us know, we can put up the tent almost any where.

Always striving for some Righteous 'Que.

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