Dec. 15th Cook Day

We have finally returned. Between travel to Florida for Thanksgiving and a big cook down there, time has been hard to come by. But we return hopefully in full swing. Our last Que for a Cause in 2012 will be December 15th. We will be raising funds to support Storehouse Ministries. This organization has critical need as they prepare 500 meals for Christmas to feed those in the Atlanta area who may not eat at all this Christmas. So you eating, maybe some Ribs, can help some others eat as well.

We will be running a $18 St. Louis Rib Special. This includes a full rack of Ribs and Rib Tips. 

If you have not ordered with us before here is how it works.

1. Check out the menu. You can order as little or as much as you want. We have several people who only order 1lb of meat or a 1/2 rack of ribs. This is perfectly fine. Not sure what to get, opt for the sampler it will give you a chance to try some of our signature items.

2. Place your order by e-mail, Facebook, or you can call us 678-221-4QUE. If you have any questions or special request just ask.

3. You will then receive a return message with an invoice and a time and place of pick-up. Delivery is available upon request.


Thank you very much for supporting Righteous Que so we can help other. Merry Christmas!

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