An OAK Revival

Several people have visited me lately and have been surprised that I use oak when I smoke meat. I try and specifically use Red Oak, but my supplier mixes some White Oak in as well. Either way the smoke to me is not over powering and helps bring out the natural flavors of the meat. Most all of the other barbequer's in my area smoke with Hickory Wood, some specifically Pecan. Pecan and Hickory are in the same family of hard woods and so are very similar in profile. Pecan provides a great smoke but is not as heavy as the Hickory. I have found that if not smoked accurately, Hickory smoke, can over power the meat. So it then becomes about the flavor profile you want to have.

I use oak for two reasons. One, it is a light and sweet smoke that highlights the flavors the meat already has. Two, It is such a lite smoke it is hard for the meat to be over power with smoke.

Again this is all up to you and your flavor profile. Don't hear me wrong, Hickory is the wood of choice for most barbequer's. Competition wise many people use a combo of Hickory and some fruit woods to create an unbelievable product. So I don't want to discount Hickory wood. It is important to know your wood. Each wood creates its own distinct flavors. This is just another area you have to experiment with. Try different kinds, and find what is right for you.

Red Oak

Red Oak on Fire

In the land of Hickory, Oak wood helps my 'Que stand out. Whether it is Hickory, Pecan, or Oak it is all about making some Righteous 'Que.
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