Weekend Getaway

A weekend in the mountains is what we needed. So the family and I headed north to Blue Ridge, GA the home of Mercier Orchards. Mercier has been around for almost 70 years and is one of the best apple orchards in the south and possible the country. I had only heard great things but this last weekend lived up to the hype. To live up to the hype while being as busy as this place was says a lot. How busy, well after the third bus full of seniors pulled in we decided to leave. It was bustling but it provided a great experience that I just have not had in awhile. We started with the tractor ride through the orchard. This ride is free, but to pick apples you do have to buy a $10 bag that fits 15-18 apples. Not bad. On the ride they give you a very brief history of the orchard. Then when you stop you get out and spend a few minutes with a employee that quickly tells about the apples, the apples you can pick, and how to pick them so all the apples don't fall down. Everyone was unbelievably nice and wanted to help you. They wanted you and your family to have fun.

Look at those happy kids. Even though my almost 3 year old did not exactly understand that we don't pick up the apples on the ground, he loved being outside. He could have stayed on the tractor ride all day.

We also made it a point to eat the famous fried apple pie. Wow. Fresh warm and well simply delicious. We also had homemade apple sauce that to me is going to be hard to beat.

Merceir's reminded me of two things this weekend. Provided a great fresh product and provide a great experience.

Do you do this with your business? How? As a consumer how important are these to you? Leave your comments below. Help Righteous 'Que aspire to greatness.


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