Soup Season Begins

While Football season is well under way, the cold approaches the Southeast and soup season begins. Soup season starts for me when its under 70 degrees. Why? Maybe because that's when Mom started. Well that can really be, growing up in Florida that means soup season lasts all of about a week. So when it hits 70 and stays under its time to break out the dutch oven and soup it up.

My Favorite soup is inspired simply from where i grew up. Tampa, FL is a wonder land of Cuban food from Mom and Pop's to the ever famous Columbia Restaurant. Our Mom and Pop place has always been Le Septima in Brandon, FL. I do wish I could say that its my mom's recipe passed down from generation to generation, but my Mom's not Spanish in any way and neither am I.

So as usual this is my twist on Spanish Bean Soup.
1 Spanish or Sweet Onion
 1/2 lb Smoked Sausage
1 bag Chorizo
3 Yukon Gold Potatoes
3 cans Garbanzo Beans 
Tsp Salt
Tsp Pepper
2 garlic cloves
2 Bay leaves

Spray cooking pot with oil. Cut up onion and add to pot. On medium heat allow onion to caramelize. Once onion caramelize add cut up Smoked Sausage and Chorizo. Allow both meats to cook with onions about 10 minutes. While cooking add salt, pepper and diced up garlic clove. Stir continuously while adding seasoning. Add Garbanzo Beans with liquid in can. Bring to a boil, added cubed up potatoes and bay leaves. then let simmer for 3-4hrs. Check pot regularly and once potatoes are soft smash them  up to make soup thick.  

 If i can find it, I try and make sure I have some warm Cuban bread to compliment the soup. You can also spice it up with a spicy sausage. My wife doesn't like the spice so I keep it mild, but it is the smoke from the sausage that makes Spanish Bean soup Righteous 'Que.

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