Simple. Seasonal. Southern.

Thank you Table & Main.

I had not previously had Hog's and Waffles, but it was great. Roasted pork over a cornbread waffle with a Georgia Vinegar sauce. I was some what curious about a Georgia vinegar sauce. Vinegar is mostly found in the Carolina's. The reference to Atlanta is that it is a crossroads of barbeque and this sauce is just that, tomato based sweetness with vinegar and a great spicy kicker. It compliments the Hog well.

The Pork or Hog was roasted. I did miss the smokiness that I am use too, but overall this has to be one of my new favorite appetizer's.

Table & Main is just what is advertised Simple, Seasonal, Southern. My wife, who usually steers very far from Collard Greens, I think feel in love. Our Main course was pan fried chicken that Mamma makes, and she would be a little jealous because it was perfectly fried compliments to chef Ted Lahey. Through our waiter Lahey even provided some helpful tips in using sorghum. He had used it on the yams.

If your in Historic Roswell, Ga wander down Canton Street and make sure you stop at Table & Main sit out side and enjoy. Its laid back and easy.
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