Out of the Blue

As a small business owner sometimes you take what you can get, You take what ever help you can get. So when a friend, that is working on her MBA, asked if her group could use me as her marketing project it was an immediate yes.

She called me completely out of the blue. So why would I say yes to a group of MBA students? Well first its free. Yes it will cost me time, but this is a gamble I am willing to take. So let me make a few points about why its worth it.

        - MBA students are the newest consumers to the market. What better way to find out about them and what they want to buy.

        - Do you remember the Facebook guy, yeah he came up with that in his dorm room right? Well students inevitably are looking to create something new, fresh, and innovate. This might be a gamble but what if I find a new way to innovate my business. It then becomes a win. It just became my leg up in a business world that is unforgiving.

       - I think I know, but my perspective is narrow. And it gets more narrow the more I work.   8 new innovative eyes could give a perspective I have never even thought of.

So you see it is worth it. You might be very skeptical. They don't know my market. They don't have experience. Can they really understand my business. All of these are fine objections, but your missing the point if you have them. You are still the boss, your still the decision maker, but with out some fresh ideas and a take on how your market is changing you could be the last one to the finish line.

If these MBA students come up with even just one good idea to boost sales. Its worth it. I'm willing to take the risk so I can create a lasting brand in  Righteous 'Que.

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