Good Idea Bad Idea

I am not sure where you are in the process of building your small business, I am still in the beginning stages of development and growth. I am very open to ideas and constructive criticism, but everyone has their own opinions about what you should do. It is hard to see threw the muck sometimes. It is hard to know who's advice you should take and who's advice to set aside. How do you do this and not go insane figuring it out? Here are my three ways to set your sights strait and keep moving forward.

1. Write down your vision of what you want the business to become. I know this may be hard but do your best. This is hard because I know first hand that this vision is sometimes still under development. So this does not have to be specific, but it does need to have a general focus.

     Why? This will help you discern who's advice to take. If the advice is not going to help you reach your vision, then set it aside.

2. After your vision, write down your short term goals. Like I want to average about 30 orders a week. This lets me know I'm moving forward to reach the vision. Moving forward is some of the greatest encouragement you can give yourself.

    Why? If the advice you hear is not helping you move forward, set it aside. Forward is the only way to go. Your vision will not have an opportunity to mature if you don't.

3. Intrust someone to help keep you accountable to the vision and your short term goals. One of my past blogs was on a mentor. This is just what this person is for.

    Why? A great mentor won't steer you in the wrong direction. They might not have an answer but they will remind you of your vision and goals. They will also help keep you motivated to reach your goals and vision when you are head down doing the work.

For these 3 things to work the best, you have to be humble. I know we started our business to work for ourselves and not to have a boss lording over us. We still need to be humble their are people who genuinely want to help. Their help could help us change the business for the better.

To reach the vision I have for Righteous 'Que ,I have to ask for help. I know I can't do it all on my own.   
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