Winner Winner Chicken Salad

So we finally picked what and how we will be preparing the Smoked Chicken Salad appetizer for our up coming catering event. Everyone submitted some great ideas. Especially a good friend who orders our smoked turkey. She suggested that we use the turkey instead of chicken. Well we could not do that this time, but when we cook again on September 29th that will be on the menu.

I felt the search for the best Smoked Chicken Salad was a group effort, so I wanted to share. I am cooking a large quantity so I have scaled it down to fit a more bite size menu.

                                 1 lb smoke chicken Diced (Boneless breast meat)
                                 1/4 cup of green grapes cut in half
                                 1/3 cup of diced green apples
                                 1/4 cup Almonds (you can toast if desired)

                                1 cup Mayo
                                1 tsp salt
                                1/2 tsp pepper
                                1/2 tsp oregano
                                1/4 tsp tarragon

Mix the dressing together and let it sit for an hour. I then diced my Chicken in the food processor, cut my grapes, and diced my apples. Once the hour was up I mixed all ingredients together and then let sit again in the fridge for another hour.

BAM! It was Righteous worthy from the first taste. I can't wait to do this again and try the Turkey. Thanks again for all 4 people that submitted there ideas.

Want to try some Smoked Chicken Salad, check the Calender for our next cook day so you can get some Righteous 'Que.
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