"Que For a Cause" September 29

Our next "Que for a Cause" will be September 29th. So who are we supporting? We can't tell you. The person we have chosen to sponsor works in a high risk location and giving out a name, location, and telling what they do could jeopardize everything. It is an honor to help provide support for a person who is truly on the front lines of ministry. The choice to put your life on the line for the pursuit of the gospel to me is the highest calling and gets my utmost respect. Please make plans to buy some 'Que and help support someone who has made such a sacrifice.

We will send out another reminder in two weeks. If you would like to receive a reminder by e-mail please sign up to follow the blog by e-mail.

For more information on how "Que for a Cause" works please follow the link

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