My New Favorite

If you haven't heard me say it before, I don't mind saying it again. Barbeque, to me, is an art form. There are all kinds of types and forms. So I wanted to pass along one of my favorites. Southern Soul BBQ on Saint Simons Island Ga. The food was an unforgettable experience and inspiring for my own barbeque journey. On my first visit I did a combo plate with Ribs and Brisket. Then my second was a Pork sandwich. I know I am old school and stick to the traditional type things but if you can't do the traditional I doubt they can do anything else. Southern Soul was not the case. They did the traditional very well.

What sets Southern Soul apart? They smoke most everything on outdoor pits. There is no commercial cooker where you can set a time and temperature and walk away. They recognize that barbeque takes time and patience. It shows in the food. They have recently added a vertical Old Jacks South cooker to help cook ribs, but even this rig is low and slow and powered only by wood.

If  you are in the area it is worth the stop. They are located only about 15 minutes off the interstate and again worth the detour. For more info click on Southern Soul BBQ.  And keep up your search for some Righteous 'Que.
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