First Timers

What a Labor Day. The Holy Smokes BBQ and Music Festival was fun and exhausting. Our first competition went pretty good. Big thanks to Bill Grose, if not for his encouragement I probably would not have been in my first competition. It was a blast doing this and I learned so much. Thank you also to Ron Banks and Matt Grose for helping, without them there is no way we could have pulled this off.

So how did we do? We took 3rd in Ribs, 4th in Pork and 5th in Chicken. For our first time we could not be disappointed in how we did. It is all about getting better. I did learn that you must have a great team around. Ron and Matt both were a huge part of getting these results.

Ron Banks and Matt Grose
Chicken Thigh

Berkshire Pork

We might be the Peoples Champion of the event. We had so many people come by and taste our food. Several people came up and said that someone sent them our way. Already gaining more fans. I felt like we really did a great job in getting some exposure, that's a win.  

Check out Facebook for more photo. Our next planned cook day is September 29th. So make plans to get some Righteous 'Que
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