Don't be afraid of the Brisket

I have had so many people tell me lately that they love barbeque. Many of the backyarders tell me that they just love setting up the smoker and letting it go all day on a Saturday. Many of these guys have also said that the just haven't tried Brisket. One gentlemen said "I'm scared to pay that much for a cut of meat and mess it up". I want to encourage everyone to try it. Beef Brisket is my most favorite piece to smoke. You don't just end up with brisket you also get the coveted Burnt Ends.

What I have figured out about Brisket is this little secret.....Target Temperature. Target temp is what matters. I have smoked a brisket for 17 hours and another 12 hours. Both were tender, juicy and well righteous.

Target Temp for me is 205 degrees. When I have shot for this temperature it has not failed me yet. Another great test when you get to this temp is a fork. If is slides right in without any tension it is perfect. I then wrap the brisket and put it in the warming box. I give the brisket at least an hour in the box to rest. If you don't have a warming box put it in the oven. Don't turn it on. The heat from the brisket itself will be enough.

After the hour I pull the brisket and cut the cap or point. I chop this in squares and place it back in the Smoker for an hour. Yes this is the holy grail, Burnt Ends. Pull them off add some sauce and grab your fork. These go fast

As for the part that is left, the flat, I slice the brisket with the grain. After cutting the cap of and some excess fat you can easily see the grain.

I hope this helps anyone scared of Beef. I don't want you to miss out doing it yourself. To me it taste better that way. But if you still are finding yourself steering (Pun intended) away, you can always call me and get some Righteous 'Que.

Burnt Ends

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