Baste Baby Baste

Are you basting when you smoke? I believe it is a must. I have done this from the beginning and all though there are other factors, basting has always been a key factor in making sure it is tender and juicy. There are probably plenty of ways to do this, but here is how I baste and why.

Meat gets rubbed and placed on smoker. Once the meat goes on the lid stays closed for the first 3 hours. After that I start my baste every hour on the hour. Most everyone know that the first two hours is when the meat gets the most smoke, after that its just cooking. I wait 3 hours because I am running wood only and I want to get every last chance to get a great smoke ring. This also gives the rub the best chance to bind to the meat. If you baste from the beginning you will lose your rub.

I baste with the bottles shown below. You can find them in the bug sprayer Isle at Home Depot. When I buy a bottle I always bring it home and wash it not once but twice. I recommend these bottles because the have pump action and adjustable nozzles. The pump promises consistent spray and the nozzles give you the opportunity to spray wide or to hit that secret spot.

So what are in these two sprayers? The one on the right is for the pork and is just apple juice. The other is for the beef brisket ... I got have some secrets right? Yeah not going to give that info out. You will just have to come order some brisket and see what you think it is.

What else do you need to know about basting? Remember your going to lose heat anytime you open the cooking chamber. So when basting you need to be quick. i also add additional wood if needed to the fire box before I baste. This will help the temp recover faster after you close the lid.

If you haven't tried basting, you should. I believe it help make sure you get some Righteous 'Que.

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