Ain't Just Pigs and Smoke Rings

This small business entrepreneur thing has been my greatest challenge. I have worked in the industry for a few years. So none of it was huge surprise, but my challenges have been driving myself and creating a vision for myself. These two things have challenged me to my core.

What do I mean by driver? I believe that everyone wants to work for themselves. Dream big and create the new thing. But very few have the determination to really Drive the process and get to the results that they envisioned. For me I know what I want, I can see it clearly, but its the form that it is in. Brick and mortar, catering only, or food truck. What is the best way for me.

Vision for self is not easy either. Think of it this way, how do you motivate the motivator? How does the boss motivate himself? We are the critical people that need to always be motivated because we have to motivate. I am motivated by new ideas, new process, and training people to do whatever it, is. That is not where I am. It is me and me alone.

You can't have one with out the other. Vision has to have a driver. That is why I have picked my focus and I am sticking with it. What has helped me do this the most, a mentor. For me it is actually several mentor's but for you it could be just one. These people are not all knowing. If they say they are find another one.

My mentors have been my saving grace. They motivate me when I fail to do so, they open up a new perspective, they have helped advise me on personal and business things that are beneficial decisions for both, and the always help me back out and see the big picture.

If your just starting a business a mentor could be just what you need, it has been for me. If not for my mentors I would not have had the opportunity to be Righteous 'Que.

Radical Mentoring is a great place to start for personal growth. The SBA can match you up with a specific industry mentor. 
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