Saturday Cookin' August 18th

We are cooking again on August 18th. So check out the menu and put in your orders. There is also a bonus you're not just buying great barbeque a portion of the proceeds from this cook will go to Josh and Alli Ayers.


These guys are currently serving in Central and South America with Engineering Ministries International (EMI). Their projects range from helping seminaries, clinics, hospitals, schools, churches and orphanages, to water supply projects, wastewater treatment programs and transitional shelter programs for impoverished communities following earthquakes and other disasters. So they are pretty busy! Check out their current project here

Alli, when she is not helping Josh, works with the local orphanage providing physical therapy services for children who are developmentally delayed due to neglect and abuse. When she's not at the orphanage, she's serving in their local church with the youth program and arranging outreach programs for the women in the community where they live.

We got to know Josh and Alli from our Sunday school class before they made their commitment in 2009 and headed to Costa Rica. If you want to know more about EMI go to and follow the Ayers on their blog at

So buy some Righteous 'Que and help us be a "Soul-Saving Barbeque".

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