Help Wanted

I have been on a mission for Chicken Salad for about a week now. Thanks to the net, I have stumbled upon so many I really don't know what to pick. Chicken Salad is going to go in my appetizer menu for catering. I have got to pick one.

Let me be specific too. I am looking for a creamy chicken salad. One a true southerner would make for a special occasion. Chicken Salad basics that I have come across are: Mayo, Lemon Juice, Black pepper, Blanched or Toasted Almonds, and diced celery. These ingredients seem to be in almost, I did say almost, all basic Chicken Salad recipes (

Other variations added in apple, grapes, and even beats. I know I don't want beats. So here is what I know I want.
                    Smoked Chicken (It takes the recipe to a whole new place)
                    Mayo - probably Dukes or Hellman's
                    Lemon Juice
                    Black Pepper
                    Toasted Almonds
                    Diced Celery

So I need a little help from you. Please submit your other ingredients that you would put in the recipe. We will pick the most Righteous one and it will be tested at our next catering event. What do you get....a Righteous 'Que T-shirt, a quart of the Chicken Salad, and some Twisted banana pudding. Leave you comments below.

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