Coastal Smoke

Coastal Smokiness is now my favorite! I'm not forgetting the classics, but for a Florida boy that grew up fishing Tampa Bay and in the Florida Keys, I just fell in love.

So what ended up on the smoker? Mahi and White Shrimp. After doing these I am ready to try another fish or shell fish and let the smoke roll.

How did I prep the fish? Easy for anyone. Salt, Pepper, and some seafood seasoning. Both fish and shell fish can dry out too, so i added 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil to both. The Mahi need an hour and half to flake up. The Shrimp turned their nice pink done color at an hour.

We cook again on September 29 and Shrimp will definitely be available for you to try and give us your feedback.  What fish do you want us to smoke next? Leave your comments below. One lucky person will get the opportunity to take it home for the whole family to try!

If you can eat it, I believe it has a right to be smoked! It also deserves the chance to be some Righteous 'Que.
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